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Admission Information Form
Please submit all documents in English OR Chinese using one language only所有文件请用中文或英文填写(请如实并完整填写)

Student's Personal Information 学生个人信息*
Chinese Name 中文姓名 Surname姓
Given Name名
Pin Yin 中文拼音 Surname姓
Given Name名
English Name 英文姓名 Birth Date(YY/MM/DD) 出生日期(年/月/日)    
Gender性别 Boy男孩 Girl女孩 Citizenship国籍
ID No. (Chinese mainland student only)
Passport No.护照号码

Household Register Address(Chinese mainland student only)

Residential Address and Postcode
Compound Name小区名称:
Home Tel 家庭电话    
Grade applied for 计划申请年级 Date of expected entry(YY/MM) 计划入学日期(年/月)  
Will you be a 5-day boarder or not should you apply for Year 7 or above?
Yes 是
No 否
Do you need school bus service? 是否需要校车服务? * Yes 是    If the pick-up and drop-off place is different from the above residential address, please specify 如果接领地址与上述常驻地址不同,请注明:
No 否
Previous Kindergarten's Name
Address 地址:
Time period (YYYY/MM)
 -  Main Teaching Language(Multiple Choice):
Chinese 中文 English 英文
Others 其他:
Previous School's Name
Address 地址:
Time period (YYYY/MM)
 -  Main Teaching Language(Multiple Choice):
Chinese 中文 English 英文
Others 其他:
Native Language(s)第一语言 Second Language(s)第二语言
Does the applicant have any special educational needs or behaviourial problems?
Yes 是   If yes, please explain 如果是,请说明解释:
No 否

提示:Note:The school may not be able to support children with certain special medical or educational needs. 注意:学校可能无法支持特殊医疗或教育需求的学生。
Does the applicant have any allergies or medical conditions of which we should be aware?
Yes 是   If yes, please provide us with further information, e.g., allergy to (drugs, vaccines, food ...) .如果有,请给我们更多详情 ,如:过敏信息(药物,疫苗,食物...)等
No 否

Additional medical information 附加医疗信息

Should a situation arise where emergency medical attention is required, school will call parents at the first moment. If we are unable to contact parents, please indicate the hospital or clinic you want your child taken to for treatment. If no hospital is designated by you, the school will decide on the most appropriate hospital according to the nature of the emergency. If the emergency requires treatment that is not available at the hospital you have designated, your child will be taken to a hospital that can provide such treatment. Parents will be responsible for any costs or fees incurred.

Name of Clinic / Hospital 诊所/医院名称: Address 地址:
School suggests parents buy medical and accident insurance for your children. For those families who have already bought insurance, please submit Insurance Company name and Member ID to school.
Name of Insurance Company 保险公司名称: Member ID 保险卡号:
Does the applicant have any special abilities or hobbies?
Yes 是   If yes, please explain 如果是,请说明解释:
No 否
Has the applicant ever represented his/her school or other organization in sports, music, games, etc.?
Yes 是   If yes, please explain 如果是,请说明解释:
No 否
Parent Information 学生家庭信息*
Name姓名 Surname姓
Given Name名
Given Name名
Pin Yin 中文拼音 Surname姓
Given Name名
Given Name名
Native Language(s)第一语言
Second Language(s)第二语言
Educational level attained最高学历
Business Tel办公室电话
Either father or mother holds registered permanent residence in Ningbo父亲/母亲一方是宁波户籍
Either father or mother holds valid Ningbo residence permit父亲/母亲一方持有效的《宁波市居住证》
Either father or mother holds temporary residence permit in Ningbo for 3 years父亲/母亲一方持有效的《宁波临时居住证》满3年
Either father or mother holds temporary residence permit in Ningbo for less than 3 years父亲/母亲一方持有效的《宁波临时居住证》未满3年
Either father or mother has no temporary residence permit in Ningbo父亲/母亲无《宁波临时居住证》
Applicant lives with Who 申请人与谁居住*:

If the applicant lives with a guardian, the parents are requested to sign a letter of authorization, and the personal details of the guardian should be given to us for filling.
The first contact person of Main Family 家庭第一联系人: The second contact person of Main Family 家庭第二联系人:
Does the applicant have any brothers or sisters who are currently attending Ningbo HD Bilingual School, or who you intend will apply to Ningbo HD Bilingual School in future? Please specify:
Yes 是   If yes, please specify 如果有,请注明:
No 否
What are the main reasons to apply Ningbo HD School? 申请就读赫德的最主要原因(多选)*
HD's education philosophy对学校教育理念的认可
Reputation in friends' circle朋友圈中的良好口碑
A headmaster with high reputation and experienced teachers 有名望的校长和经验丰富的师资团队
Belief in bilingual education system对双语教育的认可
Strong academic background of HD's counsellors学术背景深厚的海外学校升学指导团队
High standard of facilities对学校的设施非常满意
How did you learn about Ningbo HD School? 您最初是如何了解到赫德学校的?(单选)*
HD students' parents赫德家长推荐
Referral from kindergarten/school teacher 幼儿园或学校老师推荐
Internet 互联网搜索
School website 学校网站
School WeChat 学校官方微信
WeChat 微信公众号(非赫德官方微信)
Events 赫德活动(如:开放日、说明会)
Print AD 杂志报纸广告
Others(Pls specify:)其它,请注明:

Parent Agreement 家长声明

In signing this agreement, I give Ningbo HD School permission to contact the applicant's previous schools should additional information be required to support this application. I agree to abide by the admissions procedures of Ningbo HD School. I certify that the information given on this form is full and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if I fail to provide accurate details of important information about the applicant, Ningbo HD School reserves the right to restrict entry into or withdraw the applicant's place from the School. We/I agree to official photographs of, or quotes attributed to, my son/daughter appearing in promotional material for Ningbo HD School.

For the convenience of making school access cards for students and parents, could you please upload your photos, the requirement is as follows: recent bareheaded full-faced photo, standard size: 272x354, resolution ratio≥300DPI, base color: light blue.

Please name the image files using the format below when you upload:

Student's photo: Student's full name Casa/Prep/G1/G2/G3 (or others).e.g.: “Ada Casa”

Parents' photo: Student's full name Casa/Prep/G1/G2/G3Dad/Mum full name. e.g.: “Ada Casa Dad Tony “or “Ada Casa Mum Linda”
家长的照片:学生全名Casa/Prep/G1/G2/G3父/母全名。 例:“田雨橙Casa父田亮”或“田雨橙Casa母叶一茜”

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